Inserting Text into Master Placeholder Textframe in Indesign

  1. Create a Master Page with a normal Text-frame.
  2. Apply the Master to a page
  3. Select the page
  4. To insert new Text you first have to select the Frame by pressing Shift+Ctrl
  5. Now you can Edit the contents of the Text-frame.

Note: If you want to use the place-command (Ctrl-D) first select the frame then, Ctrl-D and select the text-file you want to insert.

After the item from the Master Frame has been changed, it cannot be influenced by the Master Page it is a Page item.

Posted by happyneal

  • <3 thanks mayn!

  • Indesign… why?? Why can’t you have an editable text field on a master page, without breaking the master page? If I have to override the text box to change the text, what’s the point of master pages in the first place? Adobe makes so many goofs like this…