JSP: Passing Variable Data to JavaScript

When you try to marry old JSP Technology with the modern wonders of Typescript/ES6.
You will want to expose some data provided by the backend into the Javascript.

If you have the possibility you would use a fetch() call to receive JSON.
Sometimes, it is not possible to do a big rewrite of the JSP to fix a minor bug.
Here is a very dirty way to pass data from the JSP into the JS code. This code will utilize the HTML5 data-attribute.
Learn more about it here

JSP File:

<fmt:message var="someText" key="core.someText" />

<div id="jsVariables"


let dataContainer = document.getElementById('jsVariables');
let someText = dataContainer.dataset.someText;


let someText = $('#jsVariables').data('someText')

This is a very elegant solution, now you can run ESLint on your Javascript Code and will not have any unresolved variables.