VSCode Extensions (August 2017)

Here are a couple of VSCode Extensions I currently am using.


Script to install all suggested Plugins

code --install-extension yzhang.markdown-all-in-one
code --install-extension formulahendry.auto-close-tag
code --install-extension formulahendry.auto-rename-tag
code --install-extension eamodio.gitlens
code --install-extension wayou.vscode-todo-highlight
code --install-extension christian-kohler.path-intellisense

Installing Extensions

There are two ways of installing extensions. Either in the editor or via command line.


  1. Press Ctrl-P
  2. Paste Code like ext install eamodio.gitlens
  3. Click on install

Command Line

  1. Open command line
  2. Enter command code --install-extensions eamodio.gitlens

Markdown All in One

A litte tool that makes it a little easier to format Markdown documents
Adds useful shortcuts like ctrl-b to make something bold.

[code lang=text]
code –install-extension yzhang.markdown-all-in-one

Auto Close Tag

If you do not use Emmet shorthand, it is very useful for closing your HTML tags.

Sadly the plugin cannot figure out if you are defining a type of Typescript and also attempts to close the casting tags.

[code lang=text]
code –install-extension formulahendry.auto-close-tag

Auto Rename Tag

This plugin takes care of the closing tag of your HTML-tag. It also works for JSX&TSX files.

[code lang=text]
code –install-extension formulahendry.auto-rename-tag


A great extension to vastly improve your git experience in vscode

[code lang=text]
code –install-extension eamodio.gitlens

TODO Highlight

Well, it Highlights Todos… so well that’s good.
You can extend it to display any type of label in your comments.

Plus it can generate a handy list of all todos in the project.
(Sadly jumping to the TODO in the List does not work in Ubuntu)

[code lang=text]
code –install-extension wayou.vscode-todo-highlight

Path Intellisense

Well, it detects when you are trying to define a path to a file and autocompletes it for you.

In typescript, it also correctly removes the file extension for imports.

[code lang=text]
code –install-extension christian-kohler.path-intellisense