WebDev – Articles – 01

A short summary of some of the interesting articles I came across in the last couple of weeks.


Most Important Color in UI Design
A very interesting article on the Color Blue and why it is used so much.


Canary 62 Dev Tools

One of the highlights of the new Dev tools is that you can capture screenshots of a specific node.

  1. Select the Node
  2. Open the Command Menu (CTRL-SHIFT-P)
  3. Type ‘capture node’


VSCode 1.16

  • HTML now finally gets autoclose tag. However it is not enabled for JSX, so you still need to install the Auto-Close-Plugin
  • Support of Typescript 2.5
  • Faster Refactorings for Typescript, by selecting a Code Segment you can rightclick and say “Extract Function”



A useful tool to detect which technologies are used by a specific website.


Edge Insecure by Design: Bypass Content Security Policy (CSP)
A reported Security Issue that effects Safari, Chrome and Edge, got fixed in Safari and Chrome. Microsoft responds: Works as Designed.

Random Articles

Trending Developer Skills based on Job Descriptions
An interesting way to take a look at the vacant Job Positions and concluding which technologies are currently being used for the Production Stack.

(tl;dr: Rapid Rise of React, NodeJS and Postgres)

Why Coding Style Matters
A short article about the benefits of a clear and consistent coding style.ama
“Programs are meant to be read by humans and only incidentally for computers to execute.”
— H. Abelson and G. Sussman (in “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”)