Maya 2016: Wireframe Rendering using Mental Ray

Wire-frame images have a very clean and technical look, frankly they look awesome. Here and then you need wire-frame images for GUI elements or graphical work. A quick way to render wire-frame images is to use mental rays “contour” feature. However this feature is now only found in the “legacy mode” of Mental Ray (and […]


Getting Started using AngularJS with Yeoman and Visual Studio Code

Typically to get started with a web-project you would start downloading libraries, configuring grunt etc. Yeoman is a project that takes care of all of this in a simple step and goes one step beyond, it also ensures that you will be using current web-standards. My editor of choice is Visual Studio Code (Other alternatives […]


Use Atom as Python Editor for Maya

Atom is a neat Text-Editor created by Github. Atom can be extended with plugins and somebody already created a useful “atom-maya” plugin that enables you to send your current code to Maya. Software needed Python 2.7 Installation First install python. During the installation be sure to enable “Add Python.exe” to Path. Then install Atom. […]


Maya 2016: Glowing LED Lightbulb

Let’s have a quick updated look on how you can utilize the new Mental Ray “object_light” Material to create a realistic looking light-bulb. Essentially this material lets you create Area Lights in any shape or form you can imagine. Modelling the Lightbulb Create > Bezier Curve (Surfaces) Surfaces > Revolve (Output: Polygons, General, Quads) U […]


Windows: Tweak Services Configuration (BlackViper Settings)

Configuring Windows services is tricky. If you do the wrong things your system will behave really strange, programs will stop working etc. However if you are desperate (you cannot upgrade your ram but you want to squeeze the last MB out of your existing) or a gamer that wants the speediest lighting fast machine (well […]