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Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Unreal Development

Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Unreal Development

The course “Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Unreal Development” took a look at game development with the Unreal Engine 3. The course covered the basics of Asset creation with Maya and took a brief look at the various features of the Unreal Engine.

All students worked together to create a playable prototype level.

Rise (Summer 2012)


Space Penguins in Space (Winter 2012)


Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Maya

Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Maya

I taught the course “Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Maya” teaches the students the basics of how to create a CG-Animation. The course covers the topics “Modeling”, “Shading”, “Animation”, “Lighting”, “Rendering” and briefly takes a look at “Dynamics”.

Summer 2010

Winter 2010

Sommer 2011

Winter 2011

Research Papers

Research Papers




Image Credits:

  • Test Tube by Magui Siffredi from the Noun Project
  • Document by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project
  • Laptop by Ainsley Wagoner from the Noun Project
Multimedia Programming: Mato (Worms)

Multimedia Programming: Mato (Worms)

We created this game as small multimedia project for the university.

Mato is essentially a “Worms”-Clone.

The game was created in the time frame of 5 days with the best team I ever worked with. We divided the team up into 4 programmers and one awesome artist.

During the development of the game we opted to use the IDE “Flex-Developer” to program ActionScript instead of Flash. The major benefit of using the IDE is that multiple developers can develop the code and then merge them without having the issue of combining binary .fla files.

You can check the game out here: Play Game