Magicka is a very odd game, that parodies games like Diablo, references Star Wars is set in a fantasy setting, while at the same time you can unlock a Machine Gun and is especially fun in multiplayer coop.

You can play Magicka alone, however you get a stupid fairy that only revives you once, and you cannot revive the fairy. Making the game extremely difficult.

What is the Unique Feature?

Magicka is unique in its approach to casting spells makes the game very random and fun. From the start you get access to 8 elements that you can combine. If you combine them correctly you can create beams, boulders, grenades, shields etc. If you cast them incorrectly you usually kill yourself.

To make things more complicated you cannot combine certain elements with each other, life and death cancel each other out, in other cases water and fire combine to a new element steam. This is also the case for elements that effect your character so if you are wet and you want to use electricity, you damage yourself, however if you were set on fire you need to cast water on yourself.

You finally combined the elements into a spell, now what do you do? You need to decide either enchant your weapon, cast the spell on yourself, on your enemy or do AOE damage.

In the heat of the battle you will mess up and you will kill yourself and your companions. In spectacular and fun ways.

Now you can think, well I just learn a couple of powerful spells and then the game is a walk in the park. No, you cannot do that as not all spells are effective against every enemy type and you have to readjust your strategy for every type of enemy.


In short, once again you have to save the world. Starting with a “saving the world party” and ending by “saving the world”. And remember Vlad is NOT a vampire.

#Tips and Tricks: Combining Stone and Shield creates a permanent Shield, casting that on self creates an armor. Shift-MMB creates a Shield Bubble. Shields are charged by pressing Space repeatedly.

Expansions / DLC:

Besides the classical fantasy setting, a Vietnam addition was created and several other Mods.

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