Teaser for Logan (Wolverine III)

Logan is going to be the next Wolverine movie. The trailer tries to distance itself from the “X-Men”-Franchise, as well as from the Wolverine Franchise, thus originally the movie was called “Wolverine 3”.

The construction of the trailer is brilliant, it only shows glimpses of Wolverine, and focuses on well Logan. An old broken man. While at the same time it does not say anything about the movie. Fox Studios chose a tone and style that is a departure from the previous Wolverine movies. They are even going into a completely new gritty style that has not been seen in a comic book movie before.

While the trailer is a perfectly crafted, lets go down memory lane and take a look at all of the Wolverine appearances, since the original X-Men Trilogy.

The first movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009, 38%) was not very good. They introduced “Gambit” and “Deadpool”, both popular characters with comic book fans. Despite the title the story did not take a closer look at  Wolverine’s origins and just borrowed the Wolverine story elements from X-Men 2. It did not help that they had to ruin the character Deadpool. In the context of the movie he would have been much more interesting character than Wolverine. The movie failed on practically all elements, the story, the visual effects, the characters. Overall you can write it off as a weird B-List, straight to DVD movie. It felt like a quick cash grab.

The second movie was The Wolverine  (2013, 69%), Fox tried to play it a little safer, by not creating a new story for the movie, but simply adapt an existing comic, about Wolverine in Japan. The story was forgettable, contrived and did not make any sense. To make matters worse they cut off Wolverines claws at the end of the movie (the only thing I remember of that movie), one of the coolest things about Wolverine. The next movie would have probably been called “Wolverine on the search for his metal claws”. Overall the movie was better than the first attempt but overall it was a forgettable movie.

The next time Wolverine appeared in “X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014, 91%)”. Even though the “X-Men: First Class” was a great movie. Somebody thought it would be a great idea to stick Wolverine into a story where he does not belong. Probably some executive thought, hey people love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, if he is in the move more people will go and see the movie. Not realizing that the most appealing aspect of the X-Men is the diversity of the X-Men. The movie ended up to be a generic action movie, with an interesting element here and there. But overall the story felt forced, the action sequences drawn out. And in the end Quicksilver stole the show.

So now that we established people will always and only go into a X-Men movie when Wolverine appears, Fox stuck him into X-Men: Apocalypse (2016, 48%). The movie was again an example how Fox simply does not know how to make a good X-Men movie.

Making a good X-Men movie is a very difficult. A lot of very different people can identify with the X-Men. The X-Men give those people strength and hope. Thus making some generic action movie is doing a disservice to the characters in the movie and to the audience.

So in the end, why am I exited to go and see Logan? Because of the movie Deadpool. The creators of Deadpool were passionate about the character and they did their best to create a great movie. They took risks, they were not afraid of offending people and made a movie not for everyone but for the fans of comic book movies. It is better to make a great movie for a couple of people, than creating a bad movie for everyone.

Hopefully Fox learned that giving creators the freedoms they need is a good thing and maybe Logan will be awesome.

Image: Marvel / Fox Studios