Bad Movies of 2016

What are bad movies? I define “bad” movies as movies that made a ton of money but are in my opinion not very good. Usually a bunch of movie business executives look at these movies and say, you know what the world needs? more of this stupid stuff and we are rich.

Batman v Superman && Suicide Squad

Batman v Superman created a lot of hype with very compelling trailers. Then you got to see the movie it was a mess. Then they fixed it with a “Extended Cut”-Edition.

Suicide Squad created a lot of hype with very compelling trailers. Then you got to see the movie it was a mess. They are going to fix it with a “Extended Cut”-Edition.

With the original “Man of Steel” being a not so great movie, the future of the DC Cinematic universe is looking grim. The movies are going to be made fans are going to watch them - it is going to be a somewhat sustainable business. Especially if you can sell morons a “normal” ticket to the cinema and then some extra for the “Extended-Edition”.

Both movies made their money back - however Suicide Squad shattered my hopes of a good “Wonder Woman” or a “Justice League”. The movies are simply going to be cash grabs.

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Warner Bros realizing that their attempt of the DC Universe is failing they decided to go back to the Harry Potter Cash Cow. They are creating a new Trilogy in the 1920 of America. Oh wait, we need to make some money so its now 5 Movies.

Somehow the concept seems more suited for a TV-Series. A guy with a magical briefcase, travels the world collecting animals. However the movie goes into issues of segregation between Muggles and Humans and what happens if you suppress your real nature.

(The whole NoMagi concept is stupid, because Muggles is the word for no magic users, it was created by JK Rowling, it is just painful to see the explanation, uh we are in America, our culture and language has minor differences)

X-Men Apocalypse

Well the title is once again quite fitting for a X-Men movie. In fact this movie ended again the X-Men series. At this point they need to reboot the franchise again.

I do not really remember a lot from the movie, it was a total mess, starting from some actors not wanting to be painted blue the entire time, from oh look Wolverine is here again for no reason.

Even the Quicksilver scene, was stupid - he could not have known that there is an explosion in the mansion - but ey conveniently he was around to rescue everybody.

Star Trek: Beyond

Well nothing new. Paramount does not understand Star Trek. It is still being made for the masses, does not tackle any real issues.

We get a villain of the week, that whats revenge.

However the movie is staring to feel much more like Star Trek… so there is hope for more Star Trek… Then the Star Trek: Discovery teaser was released… oh boy…