Meh Movies of 2016

The “meh”-movies this year are quite good. Some people would also put them into their “Top 10 of 2016”. However the movies are fun to watch once or twice, but in 10-20 years nobody will be talking about these movies anymore.

Captain America: Civil War

Civil War has a lot of issues, they are not as bad as Batman v Superman. But the movie does not make a lot of sense, especially when you watch it the second time. The third time you only skip to the airport scene and you would not watch anything else again in the movie.

The major issue with the Marvel Movies these days are that there is nothing at stake. Nobody is going to die. The movie would have been much more interesting if Rhodes would have died from the impact on the ground. It would have made much more sense that Iron Man blames  Captain America for the accident and gets into the fight with him. Instead Iron Man, just like Batman has some Mommy issues and they get triggered by the bad guy.

But we do not know Iron Mans mother, we do know War Machine / you are much less invested. (Jup his mother is dead already for 20 years, it is not recent, Iron Man knows that the Winter Soldier was brainwashed, or at least that he was following orders as a SOLDIER from Hydra)

However the first time you watch the movie it is great.

## Zootopia For Zootopia you got to swallow the big pill, that carnivores only kill for fun, not survival. After that the movie is a fun ride, with a great message. I do not think the movie will stand the test of time, and will be forgotten in the future. It is a great movie to watch once.