George Lois – Damn Good Advice

George Lois a successful art director for the esquire magazine. His book Damn Good Advice (for people with talent) gives you advice about who you are as a person. Be proud of who you are and be smart and industrious.

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Here are my favorite quotes from the book:

Better to be reckless than careful.
Better to be bold than safe.
Better to have your work seen and remembered,
or you’ve struck out.

As soon as you start having ideas you also need something else: work ethic. The book suggests working so much that you drop exhausted into bed. I guess that is part of being ‘the best’ – I do not think it is sound advice. You need to have fun while doing your work unless you want to end in some sort of burnout. It also perpetuates the idea that only ‘work’ is important in life. There are other paths to success.

Think long. Write Short.

Don’t expect a creative idea to pop out of your computer.

George Lois

A computer is only a tool. You first need to grasp the big idea. Then you can start improving upon that idea by using a computer. This advice is very important even for the field of computer science and programmers.

Teamwork might build a building, but it cannot create big ideas – Everybody believes in co-creativity, not me. Be confident in your own, edgy, solo talent.

Yes, but you need other people to trust that you are that ‘solo’ talent. Basically – do not be an asshole. Work with other people on other parts of the project – be the guy that has the vision.

Enjoy your Work – be trilled about your work (and enjoy getting a paycheck for it)

When you start enjoying your work there your life does not feel anymore as if you are working but actually accomplishing something.

Make your presence felt

Everybody should know that you exist and are an important part. You are a respectable person. The world should look up to you. Don’t take the bullshit from people that do not respect you.

No matter what work you do, do it fast and on time and do it perfectly

Deadlines are always picked randomly. They should not be used to let you slack around and then do a rush job in the end. If you got a task to do. Start doing the task.

Most people work at keeping their job rather than doing a good job.

You will not find security in doing the same thing every day when the world is changing at a rapid pace.

Never work for bad people

It’s not good for you in anyway and you will feel depleted and question your own morals. Don’t give bad people the power to continue their bad practices.

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