Starlog: The greatest Chief Engineer – Jordi LaForge

A really cool course just started on edX: Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology created by the Smithsonian Institute. As part of the course, it is encouraged that you start to create your own “Starlog”.

I started watching Star Trek – the next generation when I was 7. The character I liked the most was the Chief Engineer, Jordi LaForge. He was an engineer, he made repairs, he understood how things worked and his best friend was a robot. To me, that seemed like the coolest guy ever.

In addition to working on the enterprise as an engineer, he came and showed us how amazing our world is, how our world worked, and read to us books in the series Reading Rainbow. – He must be the smartest guy on the planet.

At the time LeVar Burton was my ultimate role model. I could not wait to see the next episode of Star Trek and I could not wait to run to the library and to check out as many books as possible to read to learn more.

Today I am a Software Engineer and in large part, I have to thank Star Trek for getting me interested in engineering and computers. I still watch a lot of DS9, TNG, and occasionally VOY today. They really have a lot of stuff in them to think about.

I am looking forward to this course. In the past, I have taken many brilliant courses about Software Engineering on the edx platform and by the looks of it, this course will not disappoint me.

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