Starlog: AI or the Singularity

Where do you see Artificial Intelligence going? Will it be Data, The Doctor, or something new? Do we need to fear it, embrace it or something in between? 

There is a difference between specialized AI, like The Doctor, and universal AI.

We are very comfortable using specialized AI, like the Youtube recommendation algorithm, Google Maps navigation, etc. They are currently surrounding us.

The Doctor is essentially the future version of Amazon Alexas Assistant. It has a main interface to appear as a human and has access to medical procedures and can execute those procedures.

The current hype around AI is mainly about exploring these specialized AI. These are only interested in the one task they were given. A universal AI you could propose any question and it would try to find an answer, or even evolve itself to be able to answer that question. It would have its own desires. As these desires are created out of mathematical rational logic without all of those biological emotions and needs it would be totally alien to our own thought processes and we would not know what it can and would do. It would not be bound by our understanding of ethics.

Isaak Asimov explored this idea, he even proposed the ‘robot laws’ and explored how flawed those rules would be… and in the end how ultimately the machines, the AI would rise above the humans. We have to be very careful and very cautious if we ever would want to create such an AI. However, we may not even be able to create it. With our current technology, we are still very far away from even beginning to construct such a thing.

Humans were proud of their creation the AI. The humans asked the AI: Is there a god? The AI thought about it – and then a flash – “Now there is.”

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