Starlog: Core Star Trek Technologies

Scott asked, “What Star Trek technology is on your list of must-haves?” Could the Star Trek universe exist without this type of technology? How would it be better (or worse) with (or without) this technology? Be sure to use evidence to support your argument.

One of the greatest things about Star Trek is the imagination of where technology will be in the future. What the creators did not know is that their imagination would spark the imagination of all sorts of engineers and by imagining this wonderful world they helped to create it.

One of the most revolutionary technologies presented in Star Trek is the Warp Drive. Without the ability to travel faster than light, it would take eons to explore the galaxy.

While without this technology the universe would be based on our current understanding of the universe, that nothing can travel faster than light. There is even an episode about the Omega Directive, where the particle can make it impossible to travel via Warp. The ability to Warp is so important that it is even more important than upholding the prime directive.

However, without Warp, it would make the individual discoveries presented more special, as for every discovery there would have been years of effort put into it to just glimpse at a new world.

The series would also have to deal much more with a single planet and its inhabitants, the radical effect it would have when aliens land on that planet, and the ability to co-exist with aliens until we leave again.

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