Notes on Gorilla Mindset


Take responsibility and control of your life. With hard work and a vision, you can achieve everything. You have the tools and the permission to live on your own terms. It is ok to live in danger. Don’t wake up early for a life you do not want to live.


The book covers a wide range of subjects on how to take care of your body and your mind. It is a great summary of various aspects of your life that you can improve and that you can take control over instead of relying on your internal autopilot.
It is a great starting point, but for the various topics, there are better books that go into the subject matter a little deeper.

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Key Points to remember

Self Talk

People tend to have negative self-thoughts. You should try to change it into a positive talk. You can do this by actually recording your thoughts and playing them back to you. You will then realize how silly it sounds.
You should ask yourself if your self-talk is representative of your own thoughts or if it is only imposed by the standards of other people. – Have your own standards.
Commit yourself to your own mantra and values.

State of Mind

There are basically 4 different states of mind: Optimistic, Negative, In-between (meh), and Resourceful (you can do anything)
You can take an active approach to manage this state. The process is quite simple, actively remember when you were in one of the other states and recreate that feeling again. Additionally, find an outlet where you can release all your negative energy. The more often you actively take control the simpler it gets in the future.

Gorilla Focus

Regain your focus

Focus on positive things and do not let negative things frustrate you. Focus on your goals; other things are just a distraction from your goals. Do not be a slave to others

Develop Gorilla Focus

  1. What do I want more of?
  2. What do you want less of?
  3. Does [person/activity] bring you more of what you want?
  4. Does [person/activity] bring you less of what you want?

Focus requires good health. Focus on what matters most in life. Focus on one thing at a time. Pick one task to accomplish at a time and complete it.


Your lifestyle and mindset are linked – Cut off contact with negative people – Say no to everything – Sleep as much as you can (nothing is cool about sleep deprivation)

Health and Fitness

  • Never sit for longer than 1 hour
  • Stay hydrated
  • Go outside every day
  • Do something physical every day

Establish a morning routine

The momentum of your life starts with your morning routine.

Never push the snooze button. Everyone is tired in the morning. Get right out of bed – Rush to the shower and take a cold shower. A cold shower is a powerful way to start the day.

You are an authority

No external force can tell you how to live your life. You are the authority that sets the standards.

Have a vision of your life

Visualizing where you want to be is a powerful tool that helps you actually get there.


The one really great thing about this book is that it is designed as a workbook. The author is really interested that you will turn your life around and start taking responsibility for your life.
If the book did one thing well, then it was to inspire you to define and live by your own standards every day and motivate you that you try to improve yourself every day just a little bit.

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