TNG S01E01 – Encounter at Farpoint

The first Episode of TNG is a little wierd… they did not know yet what to do.

One thing that stands out is, that they first presented the new Enterprise as a technical marvel a very powerful ship and then immediately faced it against Q – one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Smartly presented by being first technical superior (can match/exceed Warp speeds) and later by killing and reviving a crew member.

The writers created a situation where the enterprise surrenders. The conflict cannot be solved by power and violence. It only can be resolved by negotiation and working together.

Q puts humanity on trial – and allows the enterprise crew to demonstrate that the savage ways are behind them. Temporarily they are allowed to continue their mission and travel to Farpoint Station.

The actual mission at Farpoint is a little weak. However, the second part introduces us to more character dynamics between the captain and the crew as well as Riker and the crew. Moving forward many elements of these dynamics and stories are forgotten

One of the very powerful concepts it introduces is the holodeck which will be used in many episodes.

Overall its a beautiful start to a new series, it hints at how things have changed and evolved and shows us interesting characters.

Needless to say the crew pass the test and Q leaves, and promises to return.

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