TNG S01E02 – The Naked Now

TNG has to establish itself that it continues the adventures of Kirk. Thus the episode is a callback episode where everyone on the Enterprise was infected by a molecule that made them act drunk and horny.

Wesley is fleshed out a little more and he demonstrates impressive engineering skills by building a personal tractor-beam, and a voice simulator device.

Well for the first half nothing else stands out, as everyone is just acting ‘drunk’.

Now the real fun of the episode begins and everybody is acting drunk and horny. You really have to wonder what the writers were thinking.

It also goes full nostalgia for the Original Series. The Enterprise is suddenly in immediate danger to be destroyed, and they even play the over-the-top dramatic music showing the soon-to-explode star. I am pretty sure they also are using a lot of sound effects from the original series.

But you have to leave it to the episode it really goes where no man has gone before and presents us in a situation where Data (an Android) gets it on with Tasha Yar. So we get to know he is fully functional and programmed to be very pleasurable.

Of course you also never can forget the seduction of the Captain by Beverly Crusher. “I am a woman without a husband and needs”.

The ship is saved by a magic hypospray and Wesley and drunk Data.

Overall it’s an incredibly silly episode.

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