TNG S01E04 – The Last Outpost

Rating: A one-time watchable episode, mostly for historic significance that this is the first appearance of the Ferengi.

A chase leads the enterprise to a mysterious planet. The existential threat to the ship is this week, “drumroll” – extreme power loss. The Doctor sees this desperate situation and for a moment considers putting Wesley to sleep for good – suspiciously we do not see him this episode…

Anyhow, we are introduced to Ferengi’s – a race of capitalist traders. They are going to be awesome in Deep Space Nine, but we are talking about TNG Season 1 – they speak stupid, they act stupid and nobody can take them seriously. The big bad guys, but so over the top funny and weird you can’t take them seriously.

Oddly enough “Quark” from Deep Space Nine appears in this episode. He forgot to mention that he served once on a pirate ship… (However the actor Armin Shimerman plays in this episode “Letek” a Ferengi we will never hear from again)

The mysterious planet was sucking up all the energy and a guardian of an ancient lost civilization. I really like the interaction between Riker and the guardian, Riker is just this really smart and charismatic guy and demonstrates a lot of leadership and wisdom. He demonstrates that the federation is not barbaric and both ships are free to go.

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