TNG S01E07 – Justice

Well this is a very bland episode, that asks interesting questions but has no real answer

The premise is that there is a perfect planet without any crime and everybody just has sex with each other. However there is only one rule, every crime is punished by death. This rule is given by “god” an alien craft in orbit of the planet.

Out of the gate, this would probably not result in a peaceful planet, but actually, the polar opposite, as murder and trespassing on the lawn is treated identically, so people would be indifferent at some point and murder to avoid. Ok, whatever this is star trek – we believe in the goodness of people.

Wesley of course accidentally trips and breaks a glass and he should be punished. – So the big question is should the enterprise respect the laws of the alien culture?

Well, this is the Federation, so whatever a small speech about compassion to the god aliens and bam everything is fine.

Kind of sad the episode could have some potential… but well nothing really noteworthy.

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