TNG S01E08 – The Battle

Beware of Ferengis bearing gifts.

Again a nostalgia filled episode as we get to see The Stargazer in a classic TOS

We are introduced to a couple of interesting stories of the past of Picard, his time on the Stargazer, and his Battle with an unknown ship, which now turns out to be of Ferengi origin.

We are introduced to the Picard maneuver, Where a ship accelerates at Warp to fool the sensors that the ship is at two places at the same time.

Picard has headaches and Crusher does not figure out what is the cause. Basically, a Ferengi device is forcing Picard to relive the past, and he is then reenacting it, trying to destroy the enterprise (there we have it, every episode the enterprise is going to be destroyed)

Sadly the entire Ferengi plot is very contrived, a father that wants to avenge his son, by manipulating the captain psychology with Ferengi thought spheres, to then let him try to do a suicide mission. Also, the immediate question is why was the Stargazer abandoned when it still is a fully functioning ship? – And again there are easier ways to get revenge… this seems a rather expensive way of doing things – which contradicts the Ferengi Way…

One thing I noticed in the episode is that Data is becoming slowly well Data, less emotions, more machine and outstanding calculation speed. He comes up with a counter to the Picard maneuver. by tracking the compression of gas around the ship instead of the ship.

Overall another forgettable episode…

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