TNG S01E10 – Haven

Well it is apperantly bring your mother to work day… I guess it is a fun/romantic episode…

We are introduced to the marvelous Lwaxana Troi, played by Majel Barrett Roddenberry, the only actress to appear in all six Star Trek series – in various roles and of course as the voice of the computer.

Well this episode, is basically “arranged marriages are weird”, and true love is always going to come into the way. – It’s a little preachy, just presenting this one singular worldview and that is “arranged marriages – never work”.

There are a couple of fun scenes of Picard and Lwaxanna, like Picard carrying her luggage.

Overall the episode ends with Picard having naughty thoughts, about Lwaxanna. Diana simply says that was a joke, however, it would explain why he carried her luggage at the beginning of the episode…

In the grand scheme, just a fun lighthearted episode… for season 1 probably among the top 5…

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