TNG S01E12 – Datalore

The first Data-centric episode and it’s the first episode where everything fits perfectly. It looks at the mystery of data’s origin, it has discussions about androids, it has a silly action-packed fistfight, good dialog. And a brilliant Data, and Lore. It also makes Data more Datalike, going into detail about how he speaks and his range of facial expressions, which is starkly contrasted with the range of facial expressions of Lore.

  • Lore, Datas Evil brother is introduced
  • The Crystalline Entity is introduced
  • Worf is useless vs an Android
  • Datas on/off switch is introduced

This episode has a quite brilliant discussion about what pronoun to use. As Lore is perceived disassembled as a machine, Picard uses “it”, as an object. However, Data is referred to as “he”, the reason for this is because he is modeled after a male body. – The really beautiful thing is of this discussion is that there is no ill intent in the linguistic choice. Picard genuinely just wants to use the right language that nobody gets offended. There is simply a lack of knowing what the right word is, it is such a rare and extraordinary event to meet an Android.

I believe that is something that many people miss these days, there is not a lot of ill intent from the other party. Sadly today such a simple dialog would not be possible without inviting an angry mob of “gender politics” and “choose your own pronoun”.

There is sadly still no improvement of how Wesley is written, but this episode gives us the iconic “Shut up Wesley Scene”, so I guess there is that. – I still don’t get why everyone hates on Wesley, the writers simply did not know what to do with him, and the actor just does not have anything really to work with… maybe it is because the other characters act stupid when he is around and he saved the day because of the sudden drop of IQ around him.

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