TNG S01E13 – Angel One

So we are on the opposite planet today. Women are the dominant gender, smart make decisions and Men are stupid and objectified. But we have to save a couple of crew members that went missing 7 years ago. Star Trek bureaucracy at its finest. Like did the paperwork get lost?

Also, a virus is on the ship and everybody will die of a pandemic. But that storyline is so bonkers bland and boring it’s hardly worth mentioning.

What is worth mentioning, Riker gets to lead the mission and is sexy enough that the leader of the planet has the hots for him. He also wears the appropriate male outfit of the planet… He looks silly, but as he mentions himself he respects and honors the custom of the planet. (Not sure what the diplomacy book says about getting laid)

In the end, we get to meet the survivors and they do not want to be saved because they have become a symbol of a revolution on the planet – Gender Equality.

Virus cured, revolution saved … Enterprise ready for another adventure.

Sadly the entire episode has nothing really to say about Genders at all. It actually does a pretty good job of making the argument that Gender Equality, maybe an enlightened goal but Biologically speaking there simply are differences between the genders. Why does it make this argument? Simply just because females are more dominant on this planet and the men subordinate it seems that it is universally in the entire galaxy true that there are biological gender differences.

While Riker has a very compelling speech at the end to save the people from the execution, by pointing out that “the idea would not die, and the men would only become martyrs” – he does not present any good argument for Gender Equality. Just that it is something that will happen in an enlightened society.

This episode could have had a lot of potentials to take a look at how such a society would look like, but it just did the ultra simplistic thing where it’s just opposite day – and does not really have anything to say on this matter.

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