TNG S01E16 – When the Bough Breaks

The episodes are getting better. However this episode is basically “We do not sell children” – “Ok we take them” – “Here is a potion for radiation poisoning” – ” Ok, you can have them back”

This episode took the moral stand that “infertile people” that want to have children by any means are totally immoral. – However in reality there is a very simple solution to this – Adoption. – Simply repeating over and over again that your children are the most important thing and you never will give them up is not really deep. It would have been awesome if the federation could have worked out an adoption program or some sort with this planet.

What I really liked in this episode are the children, that choose a path of passive resistance, refusing to eat to tell their new guardians that they want to go home.

The other thing is again a warning that a society totally dependent on technology is lacking knowledge. The inhabitant of the planet have no knowledge of how things work, they cannot feed the machine with new knowledge. They basically have a giant search machine and lost their ability to conduct proper science … a good thing that nothing like that exists in reality.

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