TNG S01E17: Home Soil

The Next Generation is finding itself. All actors are starting to become the beloved characters we know today.

At the core of this episode are a couple of fascinating Science-Fiction concepts. It looks at the possibility and difficulties of terraforming a planet.

The episode starts out with a simple murder of a crew member of the terraforming expedition. However, the episode then explores the difficulties of defining what a life-form is. The enterprise crew then discovers a new life-form – that tries to take over the ship.

There is a scene where they discuss if the thing that they found actually fits the definition of a life-form. During this discussion, the thing starts demonstrating the minimum life-form requirements.
Sadly the entire murder subplot is filler around the more interesting life-form discussion. But the story structure is better compared to the previous episodes.

Exercise of the day:

Because the videos are shorter I decided to do 1,5 videos to get to 18min of training

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