TNG S01E24: Conspiracy

This is the dark, scary, sci-fi-horror episode of season 1. Aliens have infiltrated the federation. A parasite has taken over Admirals and Commanders. It is the classic brain parasite, that takes over your body, makes it stronger, and feeds off of you.

Watching it in 2021 the aliens are exactly like the Gual’uld of Stargate.
One of the most fun scenes is where an old admiral beats up Rikers Stunt Double. He then continues to Jordie’s Stunt Double – he flies through a door. Finally, Worf takes a swing and land behind the sofa. The guys have to be saved by Beverly. She does the sensible thing and phasers the admiral.

The special effects of this episode are incredible. They used stop motion animation and exploding body doubles. Everything is obvious for TV in the 80s it must have been an incredible episode

While this episode is somewhat weird, it’s just not the best. It is a really bad episode, more in the territory of it’s so bad it’s good.

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