TNG S01E25 – The Neutral Zone

The enterprise discovers space debris, while initially not interesting they find three people cryogenically frozen.

At the same time, the enterprise is on the way to the neutral zone and we get to see our first look at the Romulans. Moving forward the Romulans will be the big bad antagonist replacing the mysterious, but silly Ferengi.

The frozen people from the past explore the enterprise and try to understand how everything works. It explores how people from the 80s could adapt to live in the 24th century.

It’s quite interesting how Picard avoids a War with the Romulans and avoids a violent confrontation and prefers to try diplomacy. They discover that both parties have been attacked by an unknown force.

When the guy from the past realizes that all his money is not needed anymore and you do not persue wealth he asks what is the challenge in life:

The challenge is to improve yourself, enrich yourself, enjoy


The episode closes with an epic statement from Picard

Riker: Having them on board is like a visit from the past.

That would take us in the wrong direction. Our mission is to go forward and it has just begun. (…) Still much to do, still so much to learn.


Also when the season ends with this episode, you have the feeling that it will go hopeful into the future and new adventures await.

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