The Shorter Trek TNG Season 1: Watch list

The first season of The Next Generation is strange. The show needed to find itself. However it also has a couple of masterpiece episodes you should not miss.

For me I would highly recommend watching these episodes:

  1. Ep01: Encounter at Farpoint
  2. Ep05: Where No One Has Gone Before
  3. Ep12: Datalore
  4. Ep14: 11001001
  5. Ep18: Coming of Age
  6. Ep25: The Neutral Zone

Exercise Program:

As now the first season of TNG is completed it is also time to review my exercise progress and make some adjustments.

I achieved the first and most important goal – I now have a regular schedule when I do my exercises.

A TNG episode is 45 min. – I usually start at 19:00 in the evening and after 2 workouts i just take a break. I do this everyday, with the exception of Friday, where I watch WandaVision.

Moving forward, I am going to split it into two parts: In the morning I will do 2 workouts, 1 with dumbells and one without equipment (20min), and in the evening another 2 workouts (20min)


I have noticed over the last month that after the workout I have developed a strong craving for chocolates, chips, and whatever is in the fridge.

Moving forward I am going to buy less chocolates and chips.

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