TNG S02E01 – The Child

Season 2 starts with a lot of changes. However it is an episode you can skip.

  • Riker is all grown up and looks awesome with his awesome beard.
  • Crusher was fired
  • Jordi is promoted to chief engineer
  • A mysterious new bartender
  • The enterprise has a new doctor – Dr. Pulaski

Even when this episode set up a lot of new things, this episode should be skipped.

The entire episode is terrible. An alien forces itself on Troy, she gets pregnant, goes through labor, experiences her kid grow up to a teenager, and then her child dies. – She should be traumatized for her entire life. However, the alien said he did not want to do any harm and just wanted to say hello. So everybody is cool with it…

This is an episode that probably should never have been written or somebody should have thought about the long-term implications such an event would have on a normal person.

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