TNG S02E03 – Elementary, Dear Data

We are exploring the holodeck again! Data does not understand how to play the game, and just solves the mystery in less than 5 seconds. Jordy advises the computer to create an opponent that can beat data.

The computer takes that literally and creates a self-aware Moriaty – basically creating life.

Lets see if we hit the 3 tropes of holodeck episodes

  1. Moriaty disables the safety protocols
  2. Moriaty not only takes control of the holodeck, he also takes control of the ship
  3. As always we never get to see this setting again.

The episode is brilliant, especially how they resolve the episode. It highlights the difficulties of programming, where you have to exactly define what you want to happen, and even a slight miscommunication can lead to a gigantic disaster.

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