TNG S02E12 – Hotel Royal

One of the wonderful abstract episodes. It is a beautiful fantasy what could happen when we first meet aliens. The aliens do not understand humans, they take our fantasy worlds in our books and believe this was the reality we lived in. The concept is revisited in “DS9 – If wishes were horses”.

Overall its a slightly different Holdeck episode… It has a couple of nice scenes like when riker just hands data the book and asks for a summery, and he flipps through it in 1sec and then tells the plot.

The episode also introduces younger people to gambling… I guess nobody thought about that. Oddly it switches from BlackJack to the Craps – probably would have been too realistic that Data could do card counting…

In any case, the enterprise crew buy the casino, and are now the proud owners of the “Hotel Royale”. They don’t put up a warning sign that nobody else should visit it and leave, for the next poor soul to be trapped there.

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