TNG S02E13 – Time Squared

Riker cooks, and only Worf likes his cooking… I just watched the episode and have no idea what is going on. They find a shuttle from the future with a future picard. Picard is pissed at his future self that he abandoned the ship and the enterprise got destroyed. The loop must be closed! In the end, the future Picard kills the past Picard and the loop is solved. Actually, I am not sure which Picard does the killing.

It kindof reminds me of the mess of the movie Looper. – If Picard kills himself then the does not find him in the shuttle, then the entire plot does not play out this way.

I guess the episode wants to tell us that everything is set in stone the future is already determined… except when it is not.

I think the omelette scene in the beginning was really incredible. It was just so fun just to see all the characters eat together.

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