TNG S02E15 – The Icarus Factor

I don’t know about this one… for Riker it would have been better if this episode would not exist. Riker is offered his own command… and he never gives any real reason why he did not accept it. From now on you will always ask yourself what is he still doing on the enterprise. Rikers personality and ambitions would demand that he gets his own ship. But well he turned it down to hang out with his friends…

The other plot of him meeting his Father is rather meh. But we get to see the ultimate form of martial arts – TRON suits fighting against eachother! Not very spectacular.

Lastly we have a Klingon ‘birthday party’ Worf has some 10 year thing he should celebrate with his family – but he does not have a family – so wesley organises it. It involves a lot of pain and screaming. – Funny thing is that Miles O’Brian is there. And apperantly he forgot about this event… because he willingly joins his Bachelorette Party in DS9…

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