Rewatching TNG S02E18 – Up the Long Ladder.

We have a classical SciFi setup, a couple of people believe ‘technology is evil’ so they decide to leave technology behind them and start a new life on a new planet without all of the modern tech that is ruining us. In this case the people hitched a ride with people that thought technology would be the solution to all problems. They ended up on two different planets.

Oddly enough, without technology the colony is trapped as the sun explodes and they need to be evacuated. – Awesome. You have some fish out of water situation with old tech and traditions clashing with modern concepts. Riker of course gets to know the female leader of the colony a little better. One of the old traditions is of course that men are useless and always drunk, while the women do all the work.

When they meet the second colony, they screwed up their society as well, they opted to give up on sex and go for cloning instead. Basically their society is equally doomed. In the end Picard and the male leaders of both colonies decide: they will just join the colonies – with the end result that every man must have 3 children with 3 different women. The women complain for a second, then they like the idea of polygamy. and well a bright future ahead for the colony.

It does not really make a point about sexuality or polygamy, it just states it as something neutral. It does not explore the stupidity of both approaches (no tech, vs. only tech)… but well its something to think about a little bit when we start colonizing mars.

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