Introduction to Maya

Introduction to Maya

Intro to Maya is a website containing all materials for my lecture “Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Maya”.

You can view the website here.


Active Project - Updates every ~6 months


Initially this was a loose collection of smaller tutorials for my course “Projektkompetenz Multimedia: Maya”. They were written in German as there are not very many resources for learning Maya in German.

Over time it got developed into a book. However due to the nature of yearly new Maya releases the book never got completed. Thus I decided to create a dedicated website that can be easily updated as needed and that can be used as a reference for the course.

Technical Details

At the time I was experimenting with the JAMStack and wanted to create the website using a static site generator. In the end I decided to use Docusaurus. This allows me to use a git repo to update the course content and simply write markdown files.

Future Plans

  • The website will most likely be upgraded to Docusaurus 2.0. And I hope to add the feature to create a PDF version of the course.
  • Still some of the defaults from docusaurus 1.0 have to be removed.
  • And of course the course contents needs to be upgraded to Maya 2023. (Around Oct. 2022)